Welcome to eResponse. PLEASE NOTE: If your reporting time is in the morning (AM), check your reporting status after 5:30 PM the evening before your scheduled report date to determine if your appearance is still required. If your reporting time is in the afternoon (PM), check your reporting status after 12:00 PM on your report date to determine your status. Prior to reporting for service, you must confirm your receipt of the summons via this website. You must also visit www.nccourts.gov/meckcountyjury to watch the orientation videos and to review COVID-19 screening and protective measures. If you have any conditions/symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, DO NOT REPORT TO THE COURTHOUSE FOR JURY SERVICE and notify the Jury Management Office immediately via eResponse, email (jurymanagementoffice@mecklenburgcountync.gov) or by phone at 877-649-7133. If you are requesting an excusal or disqualification, supporting documentation is required and should be submitted via email at jurymanagementoffice@mecklenburgcountync.gov or via fax at 1-866-228-9046. If submitting documentation via email, please be aware that you assume all of the risks associated with transmitting any confidential or personal information over email.
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